If your project requires that you have response equipment on site all the time, hire or purchaseof equipment can be the right solution. AMSNOR providing solutions and equipment all the way from for beach cleaning and shoreline to offshore operations. AMSNOR make sure that you receive all the training and support necessary for you to be able to operate in a safe and efficient manner.

All equipment that we offer are easy to transport and install. NorLense is one of the world’s leading actors when it comes to HSE and response time of oil spill equipment.

  • 1 person can deploy 300 meter of NorLense oil boom in less than 10 minutes.
  • No need of deck or –work space in front of the winch. The systems are deployed directly to the sea.
  • HSE reducing the risk of incidents – no need of manual handling or crew members in front of your winder during operations.

Depending on what kind of solution that suits you best, AMSNOR can assist with experienced staff and trained crew on dedicated oil spill response and Towage Vessels.