Coastal and terminal main

NorLense S series oil containment booms are single-point inflation booms with automatic inflation. The boom is equipped with independent system to keep the boom inflated and for backup after deployment.

Rapid deployment. Automatic inflation and self-filling gives a maximum speed during deployment. 400 meters will be deployed in 5-7 minutes.


Unique Design

The boom is designed with a unique pre-charging system so that 80% – 90% of the air capacity automatically will be obtained from the atmosphere as the boom is being deployed, providing a minimum of 5-8 bars of air pressure applied to the spiral inflation system prior to deployment. Since the system only has atmospheric pressure inside the free board and there are no stiff elements lengthwise, boom follows waves excellent without losing draft and no risk of bursting flotation elements due to temperature rise during a sunny day.

No need of deck space, suitable for all installations where rapid deployment is essential, e.g. tank terminals, oil rigs, refineries, ships and harbours. Direct deployment from the winder with no need for deck space allows a wide range of vessels to deploy this type of installation.



Self-inflation means no crew members in front of your winch, either during deployment or during recovery. This is a major contribution to HSE reducing the risk of incidents.

NO-450-S 450 mm 650 mm 1100 mm 7.1 kg/m
NO-600-S 600mm 800 mm 1400 mm 8.0 kg/m


Terminal Systems

NorLense’s terminal system is a proven product used in ports, terminals, LNG Jettys worldwide.

  • Minimize the response time
  • HSE reducing the risk of incidents – no need of manual handling or crew members in front of your winder during operations.
  • Minimum of operating personnel (one person)
  • Cost savings for training of personnel


Flexible installation

Its unique design makes it possible to deploy the boom directly from the winch to the water from all different heights, no need of working area infront of the system. This enables the systems to be installed in a variety of places and can meet the tough challenges of ports and terminals have with logistics, limited space and tidal difference.

The system allows for manual brake and able to inflate the system with air directly from air cylinders without using compressor and HPU, which is a great advantage in emergency situations and in restricted areas like LNG facilities.

Equipped with container locks and lifting points for easy installation and transportation. The systems can be delivered with EX approved containers with electric-hydraulic unit and hydraulic driven air compressor for use in LNG facilities.