NorLense delivers two types of Harbour booms, NO-250-F and NO-350-F

The harbour boom systems are specifically designed for harbour and shoreline operations. These booms are manufactured with a free board containing expanded polystyrene. Solid floatation means no need for air filling during operations. Since the boom has constant buoyancy, it cannot sink and can easily be deployed without any supplementary equipment.

The solid flotation booms are dispatched in 25m long sections. All the harbour booms have quick connectors so they can easily be connected to required length depending on the situation.

They are easy to handle and are stored in containers, cages or bags for easy access if the emergency occurs and are ideal for permanently deployment.

NO-250-F 250 mm 450 mm 700 mm 2.4kg/m
NO-350-F 350 mm 500 mm 850 mm 3.7kg/m