Oil Recovery Systems

All our boom systems are designed to have extreme wave following characteristics. An innerscaly made of extremely durable high pressure hoses, ensures full lengthwise flexibility. Our systems have double airflow back-up systems and our selected PU/PVC material will stand the challenges of diverse temperatures. We provide a full recovery system based on your specific needs.

Reputable and Trusted Partnership

When dealing with AMSNOR you will be speaking with a highly reputable Australian based company with local knowledge and experience in the Oil and Gas industry and a trusted partnership between the Norwegian company NorLense who are recognised as the worlds leading manufacturer of oils spill and environment protection equipment and response systems.


One operator – quick deployment

We pride ourselves in our focus on Health and Safety. With the development of our single point inflation system and deployment direct from the hydraulic reel, personnel risks during operation are significantly reduced. Only one operator is required to deploy 400 meters of the largest system in less than 20 minutes. Maintenance of our Spill Recovery Team and their skills are an important aspect of efficiency, and most importantly their safety.


Minimum deckspace required

Our solutions are designed to require minimum deckspace – both in storage and in use. The required space is limited to the footprint of the hydraulic reel. As our systems are deployed directly from the reel it makes them the perfect option for multipurpose vessels and a purpose driven fleet for mass disasters zones.


Low lifetime costs

With our systems only a minimum use of manpower is required. All systems are proof tested before leaving the manufacturing facility. Some of our systems manufactured in 1979 are still being used today, which underlines the longevity of our products.


NorLense sets the standard in oil spill recovery. With their research and development department, we always work on the next generation oil recovery systems. With AMSNOR you will always be at the leading edge of technology and design.


Full solution provider

AMSNOR will work with you every step of the way to a full oil spill recovery system that fits your individual requirements. From design, choice of equipment and the full range of support requirements such as inflatable tents, and on scene management AMSNOR considers this to be an important element of any oil spill operation in providing the total solution

“Our Oil Spill Recovery systems are designed specifically for your needs.”.

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